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The Javsalynn Foundation

The Javsalynn Foundation operated and continues to operate in accordance with the terms of its registration, recognition, certification and approval. Also The Javsalynn Foundation is well known by new project - 123movies alternative.
Looking at the number of youth with whom we are dealing and the overall objectives of Javsalynn Foundation, the organization feels that it is incumbent upon it to free the youth of exploitation and injustice and prepare them to cope with modernity by providing them with an academic bridge from which they could effectively spring to raise their intellectual level to achieve excellence and integrate confidently and competently with their international counterparts without any diffidence, which will make them appreciate the needs of the rapidly changing world.

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The Javsalynn Foundation, thereupon, came out with a number of strategies to facilitate the realization of its objectives, prominent among which was the design for the Overseas Universities Entrance Programme (OUEP) to select the youth and send them abroad for higher education with the support of the Javsalynn Foundation and the contributions of the candidates.
In the light of this, the Javsalynn Foundation embarked on its pilot Overseas Universities Entrance Programme in 2004 as its priority to provide overseas tertiary education to the majority of qualified youth who cannot gain admission to our few state and private universities.


One of the most fundamental necessities and important means of advancement today is the acquisition of higher education. Higher education broadens your horizons and puts you in full control of your life. It equips you with a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience, thereby preparing you for a successful future career. It sharpens your cognitive processes, enhances your appreciation of the human condition and increases your capacity to empathize.
It enables you to solve problems in your daily encounters as well as assume an effective leadership position. It bestows on you the ability and confidence to meet the challenges and responsibilities of adult life. It opens for you the doors and vistas for a glittering career. It enables you to safeguard the very fabric of your cultural heritage. It keeps you learning, thinking and serving for a life time. It rewards you with a supreme sense of satisfaction and self-fulfillment.
Education is not about the simple transfer of knowledge and skill. It is about the transformation of self. The most important function of education is helping people to reach their potential, develop their values, be grounded in their history and culture and become passionate and informed members of their communities.
Over the past decade or so, the growth in population in Africa has been phenomenal. Particularly staggering and rather worrying has been the rapid increase in the youth population. Equally astounding has been the intensity of the explosions in knowledge and information, science and technology and the rapidity of the advancement of learning globally over the same period.
With such prevailing environment, the youth become easily overwhelmed in trying to keep the pace with being informed and planning the future as they become too busy and too frustrated to get involved in nothing. Instead of trying to structure their lives according to their paces, they rather become externally programmed by environmental determinism to keep up with a kaleidoscope of trivia.
Educational reforms in Africa have been aimed at meeting the numerous challenges of the new dispensation. More specifically, the reforms are intended to address the issues of adequate and dependable human resource development, improve economic activity and productivity and so bring about that degree of social change as would be made manifest in the enhancement of the quality of life materially, emotionally and spiritually of the total population.
In spite of the several notable achievements of the reforms, the one significant deficit in the attempt at social change is in the sphere of tertiary education. The urgency for the need to create an atmosphere of serenity and encouragement pregnant with inducements for the youth to pursue uninterrupted tertiary programmes is long overdue.

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In particular, the universities and other institutions of higher learning in our contemporary society are not only too few and equipped enough but also too expensive for the overwhelming number of eligible young men and women who are in dire need of higher education.
The great demand for such an academic environment for effective tertiary education is now a serious problem which, if solved in good time, would certainly enhance social, political and economic stability. At the centre of it all is the nagging and crushing problem of funding for higher education. Consequently, the vast majority of the youth in this dejected category fail to understand this gloomy and frustrating situation.
These unfortunate youth, in their disillusionment, become confused in visualizing and evaluating the absurdity of life and the nervous feeling caused by fear and uncertainty, lack of enthusiasm, depression, frustration as well as the severe trauma that they certainly encounter in their daily lives.
The Javsalynn Foundation laments the present rural-urban migration of the youth. Experience shows that the view of the youth is myopic.
As a matter of fact, when the youth flock into the urban areas, they discover that the lucrative jobs they were expecting to walk into are non-existent. In addition, the pleasant lifestyle that they were hoping to enjoy completely eludes them. Their frustration is thus worsened and they become miserable thereby creating not only problems for urban administrations but also become a drain on the economy.
This situation is very prevalent in the whole of Africa. Considering our own milieu, we find the three northern regions of Ghana most vulnerable and crying for immediate attention and solution.
The majority of these materials in Ghana who troop to the cities, more particularly in Kumasi, Sekondi-Takoradi, Tema and Accra, looking for jobs are only Basic Education Certificate holders.
The Javsalynn Foundation is introducing as a matter of urgency a revolutionary system of overseas pre-university education.

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In this system, Basic Education Certificate holders will be required to do a two (2) year course leading to a diploma and then proceed to the degree level. It is the intention of Javsalynn
The entire lot feels doomed in keeping up with the plethora of information and challenges of daily living, as they envision their future as irredeemably bleak.
In allowing such budding talents including the blind, crippled, deaf, dumb, and any other disabled and challenged person in the communities, kayayei, kayahii, youth in the streets, broken homes, prisons and borstals, brothels, rehabilitation centres, slums, lake communities, villages and severely deprived areas to be condemned as academic mediocres and highly vulnerable, it will pay off well if opportunities are given to all of them to achieve academic excellence and transform all of them to reach their potential, contribute significantly to contemporary development and become useful and employable members of society.
To help salvage the situation, dispel the fears of the youth, inspire in them hope and confidence, help them achieve academic excellence with professional competence and also to buttress the efforts of various governments, especially in Africa and the Diaspora as well as other developing countries at helping to liberate the floundering youth from poverty and its allied problems, the JAVSALYNN FOUNDATION FOR YOUTH RENAISSANCE AND DEVELOPMENT has been established.
It is the cherished objective of Javsalynn to see to it that the contemporary youth attain enviable heights with prevailing accolades as problem solvers, career achievers, thought leaders, conflict resolvers, information disseminators and solution providers.
Confirmed statistical data clearly indicate that there is a huge number of qualified youth anxiously awaiting opportunities for them to gain tertiary level education. The daily high levels of persistent demand are on a very sharp increase to the extent of threatening social, political and economic stability. This is the more reason why the Javsalynn Foundation is implementing the Overseas Universities Entrance Programme (OUEP) as an immediate response to remedy this traumatic and scintillating contemporary situation.
The other significance of the OUEP is the new provisions for the blind, crippled, deaf and dumb and any other challenged and disabled persons and also the “kayayei” and “kayahii”, youth in the streets, broken homes, prisons, borstals, correctional and rehabilitation centres, slums, lake communities, villages and severely deprived areas so as to transform all of them into useful and employable citizens. For these people, majority of whom, if given the opportunity, can succeed in achieving higher education.
Javsalynn therefore intends to educate, develop, equip and transform all of them into employable, marketable, respectable and useful citizens. so that eventually, these transformed blind, crippled, deaf and dumb and also any other challenged and disabled persons would stop begging for alms. This would make them independent, resourceful and dignified members of our contemporary global society.

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The Javsalynn Foundation, in the light of this, intends to establish its own international tertiary institutions.
The Overseas Universities Entrance Programme is conceived to be one with a difference as theJavsalynn Foundation wants to win a particular label of providing opportunities for improving both the quality of life for the youth and the general development of the human resource.
The Javsalynn Foundation believes that this is a completely new approach to youth education and development.
The Javsalynn initiative hopes to provide the youth with employable knowledge and skills needed to facilitate their ready absorption by their communities thereby enabling them to lead gainful, honourable, pleasant and fulfilled lives.
Whoever is interested in human development and shares the same aspirations as those possessed by the Javsalynn Foundation is invited to support the Javsalynn Foundation.