About Us


The Javsalynn Foundation was incorporated with the Registrar General and certified to commence business in January 13, 2000.


The following government agencies, having satisfied themselves with the objectives of the Javsalynn Foundation approved and certified them and authorized the Javsalynn Foundation to implement its programmes in the Republic of Ghana:

  • The Ghana Education Service of the Ministry of Education.
  • The National Youth Authority of the Ministry of Youth and Sports
  • The Department of Social Welfare
The approved objectives of the Javsalynn Foundation deal with  intentions projects programmes and activities for the renaissance, education and development of the youth.


The Javsalynn Foundation operates in accordance with the terms of its registration,recognition ,certification and approval.Looking at the quality of youth with whom we are dealing and the overall objectives of Javsalynn Foundation,the organization feels that it is incumbent upon it to free the youth of exploitation and injustice and prepare them to cope with modernity by providing them with a suitable bridge from which they could effectively spring to raise their intellectual level to achieve excellence and integrate confidently and competently with their international counterparts without any diffidence.,which will make them appreciate the needs of the rapidly changing world.