Our Programmes

Javsalynn is committed to building vital relationships with our expanding community locally, nationally
and internationally that draw on the power of scholarship and discovery
to transform lives and advance the public good.


One of the most fundamental necessities and important means of advancement today is the acquisition of higher education. Higher education broadens your horizons and puts you in full control of your life. It equips you with a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience, thereby preparing you for a successful future career.

In spite of the several notable achievements of the reforms, the one significant deficit in the attempt at social change is in the sphere of tertiary education. The urgency for the need to create an atmosphere of serenity and encouragement pregnant with inducements for the youth to pursue uninterrupted tertiary programmes is long overdue.

In particular, the universities and other institutions of higher learning in our  contemporary society are not only too few and equipped enough but also too expensive for the overwhelming number of eligible young men and women who are in dire need of higher education, this is the reason why JAVSALYNN FOUNDATION HAS INTRODUCED the two majors programmes: